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About CASA Physicians Alliance

CASA Physicians Alliance - A Group Purchasing Organization for Physicians, was started 18 years ago for the sole purpose of joining physicians into a large buying group to obtain the best possible discounts on pediatric, adolescent and adult vaccines.  Since then, CASA has forged very successful partnerships on behalf of our members with:

  Sanofi Pasteur
•  Merck & Co., Inc.
•  Pfizer (Trumenba)®
•  VaxServe
•  Office Depot (Added Value Partner)*

*Our Added Value Partners provide CASA members with meaningful discounts on products and services. These discounts can be shared with co-workers, patients, family and friends. 

As we have built these strong and successful vendor partnerships we have also continued to grow by gaining members who are committed to purchasing products from our vendor partners who then reward our member’s loyalty to their products by providing significant discounts and other savings opportunities as well additional value added benefits.

We are the GPO/PBG of choice for thousands of Physicians, Clinics and Groups nationwide for these very important reasons:

*No-Contract – Medical Groups or individual clinics are required only to sign participation agreements for Sanofi, Merck and Pfizer discount buying programs. 

*Members are not required to join multiple vaccine partners in order to be a CASA member. You may join as few as one, or all of our vendor partner programs.

*Members may discontinue association with the Alliance at any time or they may choose to discontinue participation with any or all of our vendor vaccine partners at any time.

*Members are not required to group vaccines or buy certain volumes of vaccines to acquire CASA discounts. However, CASA by contract, is required to insure that our members are loyal to buying available vaccine products from our vendor partners in lieu of equivalent vaccines from other vendors.

*Members continue to purchase directly from our vendor partners or their approved distributors once they are linked to CASA and they receive CASA member discounts. Any special promotional terms or discounts provided by our vaccine vendor partners are in addition to CASA member discounts.

*Members can go directly to CASA’s – One Stop Shop for access to all of our Vendor Partner ordering portals.

*CASA has a great Incentive Rewards program for our member’s (Rebates to Qualifying Clinics).

* Thank you for taking the time to consider CASA Physicians Alliance and how we provide benefits to our members. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional information.

Medical GPO | Discount Vaccine | Image Description | Physician Buying Group

Medical GPO | Discount Vaccine | Free Physician Buying Group Membership | Physician Buying Group

Medical GPO | Discount Vaccine | One Stop Shop | Physician Buying Group