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CASA Physicians Alliance was formed about 16 years ago with the goal of providing meaningful vaccine discount programs, products, services and information to our members so that their practices could benefit in the form of cost savings, improved patient care and stronger patient relationships. We continue to advance that goal by engaging with both our current and new vendor partners on our member’s behalf. 

Today, CASA Physicians Alliance is proud to be the choice of thousands of physicians and clinics nationwide. Our growth continues rapidly and includes Pediatric, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, and Allergy clinics. CASA has no territorial boundaries restricting participation.

Currently we have established contract partnerships with the following vendor partners:

1.       Sanofi Pasteur                         Sanofi vaccines, fluzone vaccines, and medical and surgical supplies.

2.       Merck & Co., Inc.                   Merck vaccines

3.       Medimmune, LLC                   FluMist®

4.       Pfizer                                       Trumenba®

5.       Office Depot                            Discount Savings in-store and/or on-line. Benefits can be extended free to                                                                            patients, families and friends.

6.       Cleanovative Solutions           Discount Savings on-line powerful sterilization-germ protection cleaning                                                                               products.  Benefits can be extended free to patients, families and friends.

7.       VaxServe – Sanofi                    Medical and Surgical Supplies

CASA Members enjoy the highest level of vaccine savings available from Sanofi Pasteur, Merck & Co., Inc.,
Medimmune, LLC (FluMist
®) and Pfizer (Trumenba®). You will see by reviewing enclosed pricing schedules that member savings are significant. The ability to obtain these types of discounts is based solely on the performance of the members and their loyalty to the products of our vendor partners. Merck and Sanofi Pasteur independently provide additional discounts via prompt pay, promotions, etc.; it is important to note, these additional discounts i.e. vendor promotions are in addition to CASA discount pricing.

Because the performance of the contract (vendor loyalty) applies to the performance of the entire membership combined, it is essential that those not complying with performance requirements as outlined in the CASA Physicians Participation Agreement be removed from participation. However, compliance is simple and removal is rare and never done without carefully reviewing all information with the clinic. A non-compliant clinic will always be given an opportunity to correct any problems.  We have great support from the vaccine representatives to provide help, if needed.

In summary, CASA Physicians Alliance works in partnership with our vendor partners to obtain the highest level of vaccine discounts available and all of our members must understand the need to work as a team and commit to meeting requirements of the CASA Participation Agreement to enjoy the savings program provided.

  Major Benefits of CASA:
  1. CASA does not require any fees to join the alliance.
  2. The CASA Participation Agreement is not a binding contract but an agreement to comply with member compliance requirements. Participating members may discontinue participation at any time by notifying CASA.
  3. Members are not required to group vaccines or buy certain volumes of vaccines to acquire CASA discounts. However, CASA, by contract, is required to insure that our members buy available vaccine products from our vendor partners in lieu of equivalent vaccines from other vendors to meet compliance requirements.
  4. As a member of CASA, clinics may elect to participate in any or all discount buying programs with our vendor partners.
  5. Sanofi Pasteur’s Flu Vaccine (Fluzone) also has CASA savings that are further enhanced with the                     Sanofi Flu Partners Program.
ONE-STOP-SHOP - One on-line portal for ordering from all vendor partners -

As a member, via our web site you will continue to purchase vaccines from Sanofi Pasteur and Merck. For other vendor partners you will still purchase through their authorized distributors or like Office Depot purchase through the CASA Physicians Alliance Office Depot web site. In all cases, you will be receiving the CASA member discount savings. ONE-STOP-SHOP is easy and you can move directly from our site to any vendor partner to expedite your ordering requirements.

The following documents are enclosed to assist you in the process of becoming a member of CASA Physicians Alliance:

·           CASA Physicians Alliance Participation Agreements

·         *Pricing Schedules for Merck and Sanofi                        

·           Medimmune Declaration Form

·         *Price for Pfizer (Trumenba)

  CASA Contract Pricing for Sanofi Pasteur Fluzone vaccine and Medimmune FluMist are provided prior to pre-booking for each flu season. Current pricing can be provided for the 2015-2016 flu season upon request.
*CASA contract pricing should remain confidential and for your personal review only.

CASA does receive an administrative fee from Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, and Medimmune and other vendor partners for managing their respective contracts with CASA.

Lastly, CASA does pertinent mailings throughout each year to the membership with special promotions, additional saving opportunities, and sometimes just important need-to-know information. Because of the timeliness of mailings, clinics most often have important information before they can be visited by their account representative. This is not only helpful for the respective vaccine representative/clinic association but it enables the clinic to avoid missing important deadlines for special discount buying opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to consider CASA Physicians Alliance and how it benefits its members.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information.

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CASA Physicians Alliance - A Group Purchasing Organization for Physicians, was started 16 years ago for the sole purpose of joining physicians into a large buying group to obtain the best possible discounts on pediatric, adolescent and adult vaccines. Since then, CASA has forged very successful partnerships on behalf of our members.


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